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1 April 2005 - Happy April Fool's Day!

By the way, given the growing flak over Wordpress and the transparency of sources of support for open-source websites, etc., let me make this perfectly clear:

This site is supported 100% out of my pocket. No hidden ads, no questionable advertising, no way no how no when. Some people may have noticed that the Yahoo servers on which this site is hosted automatically add some Javascript and an invisible gif to the footer of every page served up; this is purely for gaining access statistics, nothing more.

Just in case someone was wondering....

(Oh, yeah, the English version of the homepage will be back tomorrow, never fear. And lighten up, will ya?)

17 February 2005 - Added site access statistics.
6 February 2005 - Repaired RSS feed problems after pointed out by Steven Fisher.


Software used in maintaining this website
Dreamweaver HTML & PHP script development, file upload & other site administration
Fireworks Graphics preparation
Style Master Stylesheet preparation
(Hope to switch to this, since it's open source, as soon as it can handle PHP files.)
FeedMe RSS Feed preparation
irEdit XML file & RSS feed editing

Updated 1 Apr 2005