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Mailing Lists

Contact the webmaster for information on the mailing lists (currently two) which are used by this group.

Information on the OPI AreaV1 mailing list can be found here. (Caveat: While this list has a large membership, activity is extremely low.)


Another resource that has been around for a while but sadly underutilized. Due to a possible security issue with the software being used, the BBS is now protected with the same group ID & password as for the mailing list archive. If you are a visitor (ID*) who is interested (Pswd*), however, you should also be able to figure out how to get in.


The DevWiki is back online with a new look, courtesy of MediaWiki.

If anything is happening, this is where it's at!

File Downloads

Some files are already available here on this site, with more to come! (The link leads to an index of the downloads subdirectory.) See also the SourceForge CVS tree.

Related Links

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* Obviously this wasn't obvious enough before....

Last Updated 17 July 2005