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is an Open-Source, general-purpose, object-oriented, dataflow-driven, (almost) Purely Graphical visual programming language.

Wiki Status: Back Online

Content from the old wiki has been completely transferred to the new wiki installation. Please have a look, leave your name on the Visitors page, add a new page or edit an existing one! (Link on the Resources page.)


Prographer Chat?

There has been some interest expressed in trying to reestablish the old (weekly?) chat sessions. Contact the webmaster for details if you'd like to see this revived as well!






Updated 21 August 2005

This website is being maintained as the primary venue for publication and exchange of information by The Open-Source Purely Graphical Language Initiative (OSPGLI). Suggestions, comments and contributions (always welcome!) should be directed to the webmaster at ospgli dot org. | The OSPGL project is supported by IT-ServiceCenter.com